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Seasonal Patterns


    Many commodities (such as corn, wheat, soya, heating oil, natural gas, gold, meats, etc.) highlight seasonal or cyclical trends.

    Our protocol allows you to take advantage of these seasonal patterns.

    Further, you can gain when the market rises or falls.

Interactive charts


    The in-house software computes on the fly the key indices (patterns, historical and volatility analysis, risk management, etc.) for you. No downloads are needed!

    Tailored indicators warn you about possible counter-seasonal trends.

    Interactive chats simplify your analysis and decision-making.

Our Services

We are specialized on seasonal trading, in particular, we focus on futures contracts of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It turns out that many studies recognise seasonal strategies as the most rewarding approach to trading. In particular, the method we propose allows you to achieve consistently a 5% return per month. We bring you a simple method, which you can learn step by step thru our paper trader platform.

Seasonal Screener

We analyze the most promising trades.

We hedge the risk with trustworthy seasonal futures contracts, providing you the same reports we use to trade on our real bank accounts.

Chart Web App

User-Friendly Charts for Futures Traders

Intuitive charts developed by traders for traders, complete with all the information you need to follow and anticipate the market.

Risk Management

The Chart Web App estimates the risk & reward.

Further, you can constantly keeps tract of the great investors and hedgers.


Our platform is designed for two categories of people: beginners and experienced traders. The first can discover a simple and practical strategy which might achieve consistently a 5% return per month. Whereas the latter might enjoy a simple, user-friendly graphical interface designed to satisfy the needs of the futures trader. Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, you can enjoy services such as paper trades, seasonal patterns, seasonal screening, data analysis and constant reports.

Individual - Beginner

You want a second income stream.

You are eager to learn strategies
which achive consistently a 5% return per month
dedicating about 1 hour per day

Experienced Trader

You want an all-in-one platform to study and visualize spreads.

You are an experieced trader and want to make
commodities trading your main source of income.
Expected 10% return per month dedicating 3+ hours per day.

This system IS for you if...

    You want to take advantage of the seasonal trends.

    You want to enhance your investment strategies.

    You want to learn, practice and gain.

This system is NOT for you if...

    You expect gaining without a risk.

    You expect an automatic trading system.

    You expect the holy grail.

Pricing Plans

Any trading strategy needs ad-hoc algorithms to optimize the returns, and reduce the risks. We bring you the most simple and user-friendly software for futures trading, which is optimized for pc desktop/laptop and tablet (we do not recommend trading from a smartphone). Besides, you do not need to install any software, which easily runs on all the main browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Brave, Internet Explorer). There are many advantages: you can gain when the market is bearish or bullish, we select the best contracts between more than 20K combinations (we do the hard work for you), furthermore, you benefit such as a smooth platform which can be customized under request.


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  • CME and ICE Statistics
  • Lifetime Education
  • Updates Included
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We aim to furnish all the tools needed to reach the financial independence, which means increase the returns, and reduce the risks and working time with an all-in-one platform to study and visualize your trades. Tradology employs cutting-edge algorithms which bring the futures trading from the beginner to expert level.

Reasons for Choosing Us

    We are enthusiastic and passionate.

    We are high qualified and invest in research.

    Our strategy might achieve a 60% annual return.

    Our software is the best because it allows you to gain time and money.

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